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The internet is an endless resource of knowledge and a huge gigantic interconnected network of websites and web pages. Almost all work done today depends directly or indirectly on the internet. Be it workplace, smartphones or even personal computers, having access to the internet is imperative. And while the internet offers endless possibilities, it also brings along a myriad security threats that compromise your device’s security and put your private data at risk. Having a good antivirus program is hence a pre-requisite if you wish to harness the power of the internet without putting your device security at risk. Webroot Internet Security is a paragon of such capabilities.

It works in the following ways to keep your internet browsing sessions safe and secure:

  • With an interface that’s backed by the power of cloud computing, it constantly scans millions of websites and IP addresses on the internet and checks them against Webroot’s online library of threat definitions. Hence, even before you click on a website or link, it would have scanned it and assessed its safety. Users are warned accordingly of suspicious or pesky looking links.
  • Thanks to cloud based capabilities, Webroot antiviruses are kept updated with the newest threat definitions that plague the internet.
    • Peripherals like Webcam and mikes are protected and websites and programs prevented from accessing them without asking for permission.
    • Webroot Internet Security also offers up to 25GB of cloud storage for your personal data.
    • A special maintenance tool called system optimizer works to clear cache, clean the junk and cookies to protect your privacy.
  • Constant anti-phishing recognizes and pieces counterfeit sites that deceive you into entering your own data and Warns you about tainted sites previously you visit them.
  • Your browsing is made secure thanks to features like constant threat determination and other scans. A process also works to prevent your data and info from being phished.

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